Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Text an LNDL Librarian

In December 2008, we debuted a new service -- you could send us a text to ask a question. The hack we used to capture and respond to text messages was buggy and difficult for customers to use, and over the summer we decided to try something new.

You can now text the Research Assistance desk at (410) 929-6876. You might notice this isn't quite a campus number -- that's because we're using Google Voice to provide this service. This is still a hack, rather than a fully-supported system, and so it's not perfect. The back-and-forth can be slow, and if we're closed you won't get a message back telling you that. But, we hope that it's at least easier to use!

Please keep in mind that we can only answer texts when the Research Assistance Desk is open. That's until 9:30pm, unless the whole library closes earlier that day. And remember that this is a text-only number. If you'd like to call us, you'll want to dial (410) 617-6802.

Please note that your carrier may charge you for text messages sent and received, and that the library is not responsible for these charges.

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