Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Problems with the "Find E-Journals" search

We're currently experiencing some technical difficulties with the search that powers the "Find E-Journals" section of the homepage. Some patrons are being presented with a login screen instead of search results. In talking with people who have experienced this problem, we have determined that trying your search three times in a row will get you past the login screen, at which point you can proceed as usual. We realize this is an unorthodox approach, but while we work to diagnose the problem we wanted to share information about this workaround.

If you are experiencing this problem and you have a moment or two, we'd appreciate it if you could answer the following questions via an email to Charles Lockwood, our Digital Services Librarian (

  1. Are you using a PC or a Mac?
  2. What browser are you using? Explorer? Firefox? Something else? What version? (You can usually find this information in the "Help" menu by selecting the "About this browser" option.)
  3. What is the computer's IP address? (Just visit
  4. Does this happen every time you try to access a journal this way, or just for a certain title? If so, please let us know which title.
  5. Have you tried deleting cookies from the browser? If you have, did it solve the problem? (If you're not sure how to do this, search the help menu in your browser for instructions.)
If you encounter this problem and can't work through it, please don't hesitate to contact the Research Assistance Desk at (410) 617-6802.


Greg Rittler said...

I could not get this search to work. I was using a mac using firefox and even after 3 tries it would not let me search. I did contact librarian and they helped me get through another way.

Loyola Notre Dame Library Reference said...

Hi Greg - I'm glad to hear that someone was able to help you! Of course, since we said to try three times, that stopped working. We're hoping to have this sorted out quickly. Thanks for your patience!