Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Did you miss the Celebration of Faculty Scholarship?

Did you miss the Celebration of Faculty Scholarship earlier this spring? Take a break from grading finals and spend a few minutes catching up. You can take a look at photos of this year's exhibit, and peruse the bibliography.

This year, you can also watch a video of faculty presentations. Four members of the faculty -- from the English and Education departments -- talked about the work that was highlighted in this year's celebration, which covered works published from July 2007 through June 2008. The speakers were:

Dr. Wendy Smith, Associate Professor, Education, Loyola College in Maryland
Dr. Debra Suarez, Associate Professor, Education, College of Notre Dame of Maryland
Dr. Jeana DelRosso, Associate Professor, English, College of Notre Dame of Maryland
Dr. Mark Osteen, Professor, English, Loyola College in Maryland

You can also view bibliographies for previous (and future!) celebrations on the faculty publications page of our website.

Please help us keep these lists up-to-date! You can send us information on your publications at any time, and if you notice an omission or correction for any of the existing bibliographies, let us know! Additions and corrections can be sent to Nancy Hanks: nhanks@loyola.edu.

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