Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Library Hacks: 24/7 help

As you work on your final papers and projects for the semester, you might find yourself pulling an all-nighter or two to get things done. While the library closes at 2 a.m. most nights, the reference librarians who staff the Research Assistance desk go home long before that. So what can you do if you need help while we're asleep?

Try our 24/7 chat service! Clicking the 24/7 chat button on the library homepage will connect you to a librarian somewhere else. They'll be able to help you navigate LNDL's resources to find the information you need.

You might also find this service handy when the library is closed for Thanksgiving. Take a look at the library hours to see when we're open. You can also look up the hours for the Research Assistance Desk.

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philip said...

Very clear language, just change Thanksgiving to current holiday/s.