Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Third floor now open!

The third floor of LNDL is now open! This means you are now free to roam all over the building to find the exact right space to sit and read, or spread out and study.

Library staff are still working to shift some bound journals between the second and third floors, so don't be surprised as things continue to move around. Here's a current list of where you can find books and bound journals:
  • Lower Level:Books with call numbers P-Z
  • Main Floor: Books with call numbers N (art books); Reference Books; Recent issues of journals and magazines
  • Second Floor: Books with call numbers A-M; some bound journals (they'll be moved up to the third floor soon enough); Juvenile collection (call numbers A to Z)
  • Third Floor: Bound journals (shelved alphabetically by title)
If you have questions about where to find something, or if you have trouble locating a journal, please ask for help at the information desk or the circulation desk on the main floor.

Take a look at what you'll see if you stop by:

Some empty shelves, waiting to be loaded up.

Library staff can follow the plans created by the Collection Management Services department to figure out where to put each journal. You can see the plans taped to the end of each set of stacks. There are also markers on the shelves with additional instructions.

There might still be a little bit of noise as shelving is assembled and fully-loaded library carts are wheeled around, but there's plenty of seating!

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