Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recent Research Help - Study Abroad Students

Recently, librarians staffing our Research Assistance desk helped a student get started on some architectural research. This came with a neat twist: the student is studying abroad in Copenhagen, and needed information on the architecture of two local buildings - the Rosenborg Castle and the Baroque Palace.

We were able to find the website for the Rosenborg Castle, which has some information on the building’s history and architecture. The Baroque Palace was a bit trickier - it turned out that this building is also known as Marshal’s Court, and it’s currently used as a post office.

As the architecture resources at the library were not quite robust enough to provide more detailed information on the palaces, we suggested that the student take advantage of being in the same city as the buildings and visit them to see what she could learn in person. She e-mailed us excitedly to say that the information we provided was quite useful and she had successfully completed her project.

If you need to do research on architecture, here’s where to start:
  • JSTOR includes articles on architecture. You can also see the pictures that were originally printed with the articles, and images from ARTstor.
  • Bibliography of the History of Art covers architecture. Because it mostly includes citations, there won’t be as many full-text links as you might like. Give ArticleLinker a try, and don’t forget that you can request articles through InterLibrary Loan.
  • You can find more resources on our Arts subject page. Don’t forget to check out the tabs at the top of the page for tips on good websites and reference books.
Remember, no matter where in the world you are, we're still your library and will be happy to assist you! For information on how to contact us via e-mail or chat, see the Research Help page.

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