Monday, October 22, 2007

November Library Move

Step by step the library has been preparing for the opening of the lower level in mid-November. Customer Services and Collection Management Services staff have been shifting the books and journals on the 3rd Level to create more space. The library will remain open throughout the move. Here's how things will progress.

1. Shift the 3rd level books and put up additional shelving.

2. Move the books with call letters L-M (education and music) from the 2nd Level to the 3rd Level.

3. Move bound journal holdings now on the 2nd Level to the 3rd Level (bound journals that are at the Laurel Service Center will remain there until the completion of the project.

4. Move books with the call letter N (art) to the Main Level.

5. Move books with the call letters P-Z (literature, science, technology, military/naval, printing/library science), as well as the Juvenile Collection, to the Lower Level.

6. Open Lower level on or about November 15 and close 2nd Level for renovation.

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